Survival of the Fittest!

The Holidays are officially here! That time of year where we embrace our loved ones that we haven’t seen, exchange gifts, give thanks for all that we have, talk about how good everyone looks and how much weight the family dog has gained. Leading up to this glorious time and these talks we wait all year for is the holiday survival. What is the holiday survival?

Looking for that parking spot while going grocery shopping.  You need coffee, some veggies, almond milk and you promised your best friend you would bring her eggnog. Everyone is at a complete stand still and no one is moving. You don’t need to park close. You can walk a bit because we all need the exercise but you can’t get passed anyone because three cars are going for the same spot that is not even available yet. So, you sit there, wait, check the rear view mirror to see if their is a reverse escape route but you are blocked in. You are in holiday survival mode. You wish your mini cooper could fly? You decide you can wait until tomorrow, your friend can live without her damn eggnog and you can just go to the market up the street from your house and get instant coffee but you are trapped. Horns honking. People yelling. Someone is starting a fight with the sweet man dressed as Santa outside the store. The migraine is setting in and you have decided you will never leave the house again.

John invites you over to watch the game. Tells you some people will be dropping by and to be there about 3pm. You throw on some clothes and just as you pull up to John’s house, you get a text from him. “Hey. Totally forgot to tell you that my wife is doing some secret Santa thing and everyone is bringing something around $20 for us all to exchange. Oh and pick up a bag of ice.” You have no idea who is coming. Do they drink? Can you buy a bottle of wine? Is that a good Secret Santa gift? Where am I supposed to get a Secret Santa gift at 3pm on a Sunday? So you head up to the mall and rush around aimlessly looking at store displays for ideas of what to pick up for a gift. You lap the mall, dodging small children and the family of 6 that insists on walking extremely slow. Brain goes into holiday survival mode. You decide to buy a hammer at Sears. Who doesn’t need a hammer? When suddenly the phone rings and it is your mother. The voice of an angel. She sensed your urgent need for help and said “Just get a $20 gift card for Dunkin’ Donuts.” Why is she always right? You collapse into a sweat on the floor and just take a deep breathe and wonder why you got so stressed out over something so simple. 

It is when your friend stops by to drop off the dress you need to borrow for your family party tonight because you can’t fit into any of your other dresses that you swore fit perfectly a month ago. She says “Oh…you Okay?” You then respond with the typical holiday survival response “I can’t deal with anything. I just want the holidays to end and my family makes me crazy.”  You put the dress on and you look beautiful. Your friend helps you pick out your shoes and she insists on taking a photo of you. You feel great about yourself and head off to the family gathering. Everyone is smiling and telling you how wonderful you look. Hugs and kisses are coming from every direction and you start to think “I got this! This is all okay. This isn’t stressful and my family is the be…” When all of a sudden you hear your great Aunt Jeanne aka queen of the mysterious pink jello mold and a smoker of 90 years shout “Wow. You got fat!” This is stress and you are back in holiday survival mode.

What are we trying to tell you? Stress can come in many forms during the holidays.

You are completely overwhelmed with responsibility this time of year and you forget about the number one most important person. The one who has to be the priority.


Without you being a priority and taking care of yourself nothing else will function and it will be detrimental to everything and everyone around you. Especially the people that love and depend on you.

Give yourself (and someone else too) the gift of staying fit, healthy and stress free! It may be what helps you survive. Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays! love, the Underground Trainers

– Maryelizabeth 

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