No Gym, No Problem

We’ve all been stuck in at least one of these situations at one time or another. Traveling for business,  on vacation or just can’t seem to make it to the gym that day. The temptation to just put off your workout is looking more appealing by the minute. Many of us don’t realize we can easily use what we have at our disposal. You can do so much with just your own body weight. And those objects around you, get creative (but be safe), everything has an alternate use. That couch is suddenly a dip station, those towels are now sliders, you get the idea. See our video below for some fun ways to get your workout in!

Make yourself accountable 100% of the time. Accountability builds character, consistency, strength & results.

wp-1483032352025.pngClick here or image above to view video.

– Michele & Maryelizabeth

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