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Just Add Water

You Create Your Own Calm

I’ve come to the realization I view things a little differently now than most. I admit I wasn’t always this way but when I started to fully commit to becoming healthier a strange thing began to happen. In the past never would I have committed to working out while traveling. I’ve always been the active type when going away; hiking, swimming,  zip lining etc., but working out was never a priority, hell it was barely a blip on my radar. On the few occasions I did bring gym clothes they almost never saw the light of day. The times I did use them I would promise myself I would continue to workout for the remainder of my trip but I would never follow through. Over the last few years something unplanned and amazing happened during my last several travels, I was consistently working out. Working out has become such a habit for me that it’s often difficult for me to go a day without it. I fully enjoy the process, the calmness within my mind, the endless variations to choose from and of course the results don’t hurt either. So if I’m fortunate enough to be sitting on a gorgeous beach I can only sit so long before getting restless. Why not take advantage of the breeze, the smell of the ocean and an amazing view during my workout. You can do the same try it for yourself,  just add water to your workout and revel in each moment. 

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– Michele

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