Michele Santiago Personal Trainer co-owner of Underground Trainers

Finding Fitness Brought Me Back from the Brink of Suicide

During the darkest time of my life, I discovered the life-saving power of a good workout.

Depressed and anxious, I looked out the window of my home in New Jersey at all of the people moving happily through their lives. I wondered how I’d become a prisoner in my own house. How had I reached this dark place? How had my life gone so far off the rails? And how could I make it all end?

It’s true. I had reached a point where I felt so desperate I was even contemplating suicide—more often than I’d like to admit. The thoughts crept up on me. What started as some dark thoughts slowly morphed into an overwhelming darkness that took over my entire mind. All I could think was how much I hated myself and my life. And how much I wanted it all to just end. I didn’t see any other escape from the sadness and pain.

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