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21 Questions with Michele Santiago

Michele Santiago is a boss babe, fashion girl gone fitness, and a total inspiration. She made it her goal to get active and find her passion, which was helping other. She is one of the girls behind The Underground Trainers, a boutique fitness studio, and was recently featured in Shape. Michele looks amazing and glows from the inside out.

We’ve asked Michele 21-questions to find out what fuels her #fitnessMO.


FMO: Why do you workout?
Michele: I workout for myself and myself only. It allows me to completely clear my head of stress, [it] keeps me focused, and most of all, my mental health. Even on the days when finding the motivation to workout is lacking, once I walk through those doors, I’m at peace.

FMO: What first got you interested in the health and fitness world?
Michele: Previously, I was in the fashion industry, an entirely different world, with a different set of rules, so to speak. I love calling my entrance into the health and fitness industry my happy accident in life. I began in this world for the wrong reasons but ended up finding something invaluable; myself. Discovering that this world made me feel like me again, made me want to do the same for others—I wanted to give back. My happiness lies in helping someone achieve their success.


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