came into the world of fitness and personal training after an impressive career in the music industry. After years of promoting and managing many award winning artists, Maryelizabeth decided to try her hand at helping people achieve happiness through health and nutrition. Similarly to how she has herself:  over the course of the last few years, she has lost over 194 lbs!

micheleMichele also started on an entirely different career path, one of fashion merchandising. After spending many unhappy hours behind a desk and a battle with depression, Michele decided it was time to get active and accomplish her goals. Michele’s passion for working out began when she realized it improved her struggles with her mental health. It wasn’t long before she found herself enjoying the work in the gym more than anything. Working hard and dedicating herself to feeling like the woman she once knew she was able to channel her energy into something fun and manage her depression. Seeing how much the world of fitness and nutrition helped her, she made the choice to devote her time to assisting others.