Nutritional Counseling

We’re here to help you make the connection between what you eat and how you feel. We are committed to helping our clients make small, realistic changes they can stick to. We don't believe in diets, rather a lifestyle change giving you a pleasurable relationship with food. We believe that high quality, nutritious food nourishes the mind as well as the body.

One Hour Nutrition Assessment/Counseling

Includes:  A one hour personal nutrition consultation involving general wellness,  special diet needs/food allergies, weight loss/gain or any other type of nutrition counseling you desire This can be done in person or phone.

One Hour In-Home Pantry Evaluation/Overhaul

Preparing and enjoying healthful, delicious meals must start with high-quality, wholesome ingredients. We'll help you determine what types of foods are the healthiest and why. This hands-on learning experience will assist you in creating a healthy home food environment.

One Hour Personal Grocery Store Tour

Grocery store tours are helpful as a follow-up to an in-home pantry overhaul. We can help find acceptable alternatives to some foods that may have been tossed out. We will guide you through the aisles to help eliminate confusion. Grocery store tours can also stand alone as a starting point for what to look for when you are shopping for food–how to read labels or shop in season. Take a tour with us and learn how to make the best choices to provide a nutrient dense diet.

One Hour/30 Minute Additional Follow-up Visits

Follow-up appointments offer additional support, plan modification, and a discussion on goal progression. We're here to help you stay on track.